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Washable, reusable masks with internal Filti fabric filters


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Lulu Comora, the CEO of BOHLUX Fine Leather Atelier and also Academy of Leather Arts, provides washable, reusable face masks with 95% sub-micron filtration fabric to Northern California city personnel and the Smart Train personnel.


She has organized a small army of cottage-industry, extremely experienced sewers to sew the filters following Lulu's pattern, using Lulu's materials.  The masks are lined with 95% sub-micron filtration fabric procured from the Filti Company, a Kansas-based, USA manufacturer.

We accept special orders for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and gatherings in general.   If you would like masks, or would like to connect with Lulu, please fill out the form below, specifying which mask design/color and quantity that you'd like to order, and click Submit.  

* Lulu's worksite is now certified by Barbicide, due to Covid-19.  Learn more...


P.O. BOX 7759

Cotati, CA 94931


Tel: 415-686-1145

Fax: 415-840-0402



Lulu's work site is now Barbicide certified, due to Covid-19.

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